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Deviant Kreations

TTRPG Dice Rolling Potions | D20 | DevKrea

TTRPG Dice Rolling Potions | D20 | DevKrea

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These dice rolling potions are a great addition to any TTRPG player's home and games. Each Potion Features a fun color to represent the potion, with shimmering powder, and a D20 die. It's as easy as shake and turn to see the results of your roll!

Each Roller is sealed to keep everything safe and contained, and topped with colorful twine and a wax seal to really give it that fantasy apothecary feeling. They also make a great gift for the nerdy gamer in your life.


Types of Potions:

Healing: Red with pearlescent powder

Luck: Green with pearlescent powder

Poisoning: Purple with pearlescent powder

Mana: Blue with pearlescent powder

Invisibility: Black with pearlescent powder

Do Not Consume

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