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  • Chloe B

    Dandy did a fantastic job with the commission I gave them; they really worked with me to develop a design that I liked, was professional and understanding with me, and shipped my order not a day after they finished it. I would highly recommend commissioning them!

  • Andrew D

    I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted and just sent a photo with a couple ideas. Highly recommended to everyone! Amazing work, good price, and it showed up so quick!

  • Belle K

    Came in early. I loved how there was a personal note included. I bought a print and and stickers. They were amazing! I have gotten plenty of compliments on the quality and uniqueness of these products. Highly recommend this artist.

  • Alyssa

    Very colorful and unique stickers

  • Patton

    This is my second purchase and I’m sure there will be a third. The colors are sharp and trippy and exactly what I was looking for, they stick great on bottles, note books, laptops, I’ve even got one on my dash. 10/10 i can’t recommend enough

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