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Deviant Kreations

Generation Screwed 3" Sticker | DevKrea

Generation Screwed 3" Sticker | DevKrea

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They're perfect for whatever you want to put them on! Made using thick vinyl stickers with a satin finish. I've run them through the dishwasher, and they held up amazingly. I've been searching around to find the perfect sticker for you. Stickers are as individual as the person who enjoys them. My favorite thing is seeing peoples reactions to stickers at my booth, people are instantly drawn to some when they walk by; and I love seeing what speaks to you. 

I believe it's on the role of the company to do it's diligence when working on sourcing it's products and services. Not only do I want to make sure you have the best quality products, but I also want you to feel secure that your money is being used towards something socially and environmentally conscious. With so many choices in the world, its hard being an ethical consumer. I want to make it a little easier.

*Made using thick vinyl stickers with a satin finish.

*Dishwasher tested

* UV resistant for ~2 years. 

*Scratch Resistant

*Unique as you are

*Great gift idea

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