Full Transparency

I use recycled and recyclable materials where ever possible sourced from EcoEnclose.  I upcycle canvases, materials, display items for my markets, packaging when ever possible. I try to limit waste in packaging wherever possible. I work to have my business be equitable to the people who work with me, and source my products from local businesses whenever possible. 

I allocate 20% of my businesses revenue to a monthly organization(s) I feel need it. I always try to support organizations and businesses that are, woman, queer, BIPOC, immigrant, native, owned and centered businesses and charities. I try to spread it where I feel it is needed first and foremost. I believe supporting communities that are centered within intersectionality and bodily autonomy is one of the most important things I can do with my money. It needs to be going to the people who need it the most. I believe as a community we have the most power to make real change in the world.

I will always listen to words of other marginalized communities and elevate their voices. I am not perfect, I am however working towards growing and unlearning the colonizing, racist, internalized misogyny/homophobia/ablest/ageist/capitalist/xenophobic/individualistic mindsets that has been indoctrinated into me. 

I believe it is the responsibility of the business to do the research for themselves so the customer doesn't have to worry about where and how their money is being spent; this list will tell you exactly how I spend it.

This is where I get my  products sourced from currently:

If you know better places for me to source products and packaging from please email me at deviantkreations@gmail.com

Pins: currently looking for new provider

Stickers: RockinMonkey

Prints and Paper products: CatPrint/ Campbells Print Center (Local)

Tees and Hoodies: Local screen printing companies

Bookmarks: GotPrint

Buttons:  JustButtons 

Coloring Books: Mixam


Places I Contribute to:

Blue Ridge Abortion Fund